BST (Bacon Spinach Tomato) Sandwich

Today for lunch I made a sandwich. It was a quick revision of the classic BLT; revised mostly because I just used what I already had in the kitchen. The only change really was the substitution of spinach in for the customary lettuce. Hence, the label: BST. What really made this version good for me was actually the bread- it was an artisanal loaf that had nuts and figs baked into it, which added a dimension of flavor that went well with the bacon. The one tip I have for you when making a BST (or BLT) is to put the seasoning and mayonnaise on the tomatoes. Salt and mayonnaise on the tomatoes really brings out the best of their flavor combinations, which doesn’t happen when you only spread the mayonnaise on the bread. Besides, too much mayonnaise on the bread makes for a soggy sandwich!

– 2 slices of bread
– 2 or 3 slices bacon, cooked
– 1 small tomato, sliced
– a handful of spinach leaves
– 1-2 teaspoons mayonnaise
– salt
– pepper

1. Toast the bread (if desired). Place the spinach leaves on one slice of bread, then the tomatoes. Season the tomatoes with a small pinch of salt and pepper, then spread over them the mayonnaise. Place the bacon on next, then top off with the other slice of bread.
2. Wasn’t that easy? Now go eat!

* Find my tips on cooking bacon here.

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