Gordan Deng

For me, cooking is a fundamental skill that we all instinctively possess and should exercise.  Like any other activity, cooking needs to be practiced to build up our skill-set and confidence in the kitchen. I am not a chef – I did not go to culinary school.
I am not a cook – I did not work in a restaurant.  I wouldn’t even go so far as to call myself a foodie.  What I know about preparing food I learned from just doing, starting at a young age watching my parents, to watching shows on TV, to entertaining friends and family.  Start small and the rest will come.  After all, practice makes perfect!

Hello, my name is Gordan.  I like making things to eat, and eat everything I make.  All the recipes I write are simplified classics, modern inspirations, and childhood favorites that have evolved with me through my 30 years of life.  Hopefully here you will find something you can make and share with your friends and loved ones too.

write me: contact@notacook.com