Quick + Easy Party Favors: Cookie Satchels

Whenever I have company over, I make it a point to always put my best foot forward, from the moment my guests arrive, up to the moment they leave to go home for the night. We get together for drinks, laughs, and food. And when the night winds down, my guests can always count on never leaving empty handed. I’ll always have a parting favor to send with them, and it is usually cookies. They either eat them on the way home, or most often, are saved for the next day as a reminder of the good times had the night before. Putting cookies into little bags for a party favor is nothing new, I’m sure you’ve already done so on several occasions. But for me, the magic is in the presentation; I always use plain clear cellophane bags (so the cookies are fully featured), and then simply tie them closed with a piece of twine. The more minimal the better. I leave them on the table by the door so they are the first and last thing my guests see.

This impression, while subtle, does two things:
(1) It is the first thing guests see, sets the tone, indicating a well thought-out evening lays ahead.
(2) The evening comes full-circle back to them, for they are the party favors, a sweet reminder of the evening.

Perhaps I’m over-thinking it all, but believe me – something this simple really does have lasting impressions.  Happy entertaining!

Your Thoughts?

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