How to Pick a Ripe Avocado

I love avocados. They are full of great vitamins and have all the good fats to fuel your body. Their texture is soft and creamy, which enhances pretty much anything it is added to. But how do you go about picking them, and how do you know when one is ripe to cut into? I have two tips for selecting the perfect avocado:

1. Gently squeeze. The avocado should be uniformly tender. If it is soft in only a few places, chances are it is not yet ripe and just bruised.
2. Pop off its cap. Remove the portion of stem that is still attached to the top of the avocado, and you will be able to see the flesh underneath. Look for a green hue. If it is still brown or only pale yellow, then it is not yet ripe.

Okay, there you have it: two fool-proof tricks to know when to enjoy an avocado. Want to know what my favorite part of this quirky fruit is? Its resemblance to what (I would imagine) a dinosaur egg could have looked like!


  1. Thanks for these are great tips, it’ll definitely stop me from cutting an unripe one open again!

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