A Small Shelf Project

I have a small (24 inches) shelf on my kitchen wall that I use to hold bottles. It works wonderfully well, doubling both as storage and a quaint display above my sink. But then, a little light bulb went on in my crafty brain and I decided that double wasn’t enough, the shelf needed to do triple duty. I’m always on the lookout to maximize storage space, so I had fun with this easy little project. Installing a bar on the underside was a quick and inexpensive way to add an additional feature to the shelf. And being located above the sink, it is the perfect place to hang my colanders!

– cup hooks
– wooden dowel (find a diameter that will fit snugly into the width of the cup hooks. I used 1/2 inch diameter)
– sandpaper

1. Measure and cut wooden dowel to length of shelf. Smooth rough edges with sandpaper.
2. Measure, mark, and screw cup hooks onto underside of shelf, about an inch in from the sides, to support the dowel.
3. With pliers, crimp the cup hooks down onto the dowel for a snug fit and to keep it from sliding out.
4. Wasn’t that easy? Now go hang stuff on your new bar with some S-hooks!

Your Thoughts?

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