Cookies in a Bag

I enjoy making cookies in large batches, though I usually end up giving away more of than eating them. Instead of using plain old plastic sandwich bags to deliver them, I prefer to neatly pack them in cellophane bags. These bags are readily available and do not cost much more than the average zip-top plastic snack bag.  Just an extra minute of effort delivers an immensely greater sentiment to my cookie recipients. I think it’s the little things like this that let them know I care, which makes their smiles that much brighter.

– cookies
– cellophane bag
– blank self-adhesive label

1. Place cookies neatly into cellophane bag.
2. Fold down the bag, seal with the self-adhesive label, and write a little message.
3. Give to recipient.
4. Wasn’t the easy? Now go enjoy!

* Don’t have blank labels? Use stickers or tie with twine instead!

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