Pancakes! Stacked and Layered

Ok.  So this isn’t an actual recipe.  There is nothing wrong with taking something ready-made and jazzing it up.  Just a little bit of assemblage and a touch of visual interest increases the overall appetizing quotient of an otherwise standard breakfast item. And please use actual maple syrup. It may cost more, but makes a whole world of difference.
– ready-made pancake mix
– fruit jelly (any flavor will do)
– butter
– maple syrup
1.  Prepare pancakes as directed on package.
2.  Stack 3 (or more!) warm pancakes onto a plate with the jelly spread between each layer.
3.  Top the stack off with a pat of butter, a dollop of jelly, and drizzle with maple syrup.
4.  Wasn’t that easy? Now go eat!
* I like to mix my pancake batter using water instead of milk. I find milk gives the pancakes a drier texture. For those skeptics who say milk makes the batter richer, I say to you: cook the pancakes with butter in the pan in lieu of cooking spray; you will have all the richness and decadence you could want in a breakfast cake!


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