Treat Box Project

When I’m in a bind, this quick little craft project always saves me.

– Generic shirt gift-box (just one side will do)
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Tape
– Wrapping tissue paper (or wax paper)
– Ribbon

1. This is all you need to start; one side of a generic shirt gift-box.

2. Measure and center 2 segments, the same height as the side walls of the box when folded up. Cut along the sides of the segments to the folded crease of the box.

3. Make 2 creases, connecting the top and bottom segments you just made, then fold up and tape down to create a new box, complete with lid!

4. Line box with a decorative tissue paper (wax paper works too).

5. Fill with a delicious treat. In this case, Peanut Butter Brownies.

6. Fold paper in and tie box with ribbon. Voilà! C’est magnifique.

Your Thoughts?

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